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I would a million times over prefer to listen to someone's problem than think about my own.

i wonder what the term is for a hypochondriac that worries about mental health excessively?
the battle from over-thinking for the sake of sanity is ruining my life.

why can't i just ... make decisions.

my best friends keep abandoning me and i am left with these numb scars.
scars that have healed; created a tough tissue now acting as a shield.
I suffer now because I can't get past this.
Even to people I Love.

This is becoming a burden that is hard to bare.

I've done nothing but have successes in my life - constantly growing and achieving faster than anyone parallel to my world.
Yet I have no one to share this with, really.
I know he loves me, but i also know it's hard to keep interested in things that are uninteresting.
Sure, something are easy. but not the full scope.

I just feel like I have constant inner-dialogue, and that is how I manage daily.
Cyclothymic Disorder seems most fitting.
Or am I dreaming this all to justify my need for psychological reasoning?
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