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 Yeah, so im still not over it...
but a good talk helps.
even though i struggle to find words.
i guess my biggest problem is to find someone who i can stand and actually cares enough about me to listen to me. like really listen. and as much as people preach it and offer their ear (im guilty of it too) they really don't care.
i don't like to do it in the first place, so its even harder when i know you don't wanna listen.
it's not a big deal.
i feel better now.

oh well.

i just studied all night for my two midterms today in my hardest classes: grammar and anti-war lit.
we'll see how lit goes, but grammar i just rocked the shit out of :D (thank God)
tonight is hanging with miss kavster.
i want to hang out with seedster too.
i just don't have enough time, really.


i have break next week!!! so i hope to pound it out!
Seriously i am SO excited for break. all i have to do is work!?
I AM GOING TO BE SO HAPPY. today is pretty damn stressful for me,
but AFTER today it is going to be so much better for me!
i am trying to be optimistic, here.

cloves are the best thing, when im stressed.
i had had suspicions before, but i am 98% sure.
nicotine is good for something, afterall.
but then when im not stressed anymore, they repulse me.
what a waste of $
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